21CLHK 2018

Beyond Aurasma - creating AR and VR in the classroom



Where to get 360 videos / images

Your own 360 Camera

Google Streetview App

Streetview Panorama downloader

(make sure you mark the Panorama as downloaded from Streetview)

Some Activities you might like to try

1. Panoform


Best used on a mobile device.

  • Draw on the grid
  • Take a photo of the grid
  • Upload to the Panoform website
  • Click on the Google Cardboard icon to view in 360

2. Make your own 360 video

  • Use a 360 camera or Google Streetview to create 360 images or
  • Use a 360 camera or download an image from Streetview Panorama downloader
  • import the video / image in iMovie
  • add a voice over / edit the movie etc
  • Add 360 video information using this link
  • upload to youtube and it turns into a 360 video

5. Blippar - blipbuilder

You can directly sign up here:

To use Blippar for free, you will be publishing under a test code. If you wish for your blipps to be live without a code, you will need to upgrade your account. Also, you can access analytics for free.

1. Creating Your Blipp

2. Converting and Adding 3D assets

3. Help guides:

4. Asset Guidelines: file formats compatible with Blippbuilder

6. Apps for creating AR experiences

World Brush - paint everywhere

Blippar - bring books and images to life

Figment - create portals to other dimensions

Orb - make your own 3D AR world

Gabsee - Create your own 3D avatars

21CLHK10 Beyond Aurasma